Since the firm’s inception in 1985, Salmon Software has flourished, and over the past three decades this innovative company has worked hard to create solutions that meet its clients’ ever evolving needs.

As part of this focus, throughout the firm’s life its Treasury Management System (Salmon Treasurer), its flagship product, has evolved to reflect the technological innovation and increasingly complex global financial systems that have paralleled the company’s 38-year history, making it one of the most sophisticated treasury tools in the world.

This achievement is due to the expertise and dedication of a highly skilled, multi-disciplined development and support team who focus on producing a world-class product. The firm’s ongoing commitment to R&D and innovation has resulted in the development of a range of new cloud and SaaS products.

Headquartered in Dublin, today Salmon Software successfully serves global markets from international offices in Dublin, London, sales offices in Brazil and Australia and a customer service centre in Olomouc in the Czech Republic.

Each and every one of the firm’s systems are designed to record and manage a variety of instruments traded on the world’s financial markets including money markets, foreign exchange, debt and derivatives, credit facilities, trade finance etc.

The firm is also able to integrate its systems with all market providers such as rates vendor partners such as Refinitiv, all major banking systems, all confirmation matching systems and all ERP systems. This enables Salmon Software to offer sophisticated real time information, much of it in the form of interactive dashboards. This facilitates faster and better decision making about the use of corporate funds and a significant reduction in the potential for fraud.

Thanks to this innovative array of solutions and services, Salmon Software has gained an impressive portfolio of clients over the years, including global giants such as Fidelity, Securitas, Saint-Gobain, DP World as well as international blue-chip Irish market leaders including CRH, Ryanair, Greencore, Fexco and many others.

Salmon Software is a treasury management Software provider with over 35 years’ 38 years’ development in a single system. Treasury management is a highly specialised financial discipline and requires a deep knowledge of the complex financial instruments and practices used by the world’s major corporates.

Looking to the future, Salmon Software will continue to develop unique systems and enhance its already impressive solutions offering, following in the footsteps of a range of new modules recently released. These include sophisticated interactive and dynamic dashboards of global financial data collected by Salmon Treasurer from a variety of disparate systems around the globe.

These dashboards are incorporated with the firm’s Big Data module, and the combination of these two technologies enable corporate treasurers through the Salmon Treasurer application to have real time graphs and pictures of their data which facilitates better decision making and reduction in their exposure to fraud.

Ultimately, Salmon Software’s mission is to be the world’s leading provider of treasury management systems, and this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards an exciting future filled with possibilities. For more information, please visit