ICD is treasury’s trusted, independent portal provider of money market funds and other short-term investments. More than 400 treasury organizations across 65 industries and 43 countries use ICD Portal for unbiased access to the short-term market and to leverage ICD’s award-winning tools for research, trading, analysis and reporting. At the intersection of the treasury investment community and the 40+ fund providers serving them, ICD Portal processes approximately $5 trillion trades annually by FTSE 350 and Fortune 1000 companies and by local authorities.

All of ICD’s technology solutions have been co-innovated with clients, making ICD Portal and its related solutions the go-to industry standard for treasury’s investment activities.


ICD’s dedicated technology team continuously advances its portal solutions. In addition to its easy-to-use interface and flexible dashboards, ICD Portal offers award-winning capabilities, including:

• Trade execution – From a single trade ticket, ICD Portal sends information to your treasury management system, custodian bank, clearing bank and/or fund companies, while updating balances in ICD Portal and its award-winning exposure analytics application, Transparency Plus®.

• Risk Management – Transparency Plus exposure analytics provides on-demand access to detailed intelligence. View exposures to counterparties, countries, sectors, security types, and more, to optimise your portfolio.

• Compliance – Invest within your policy guidelines using ICD Portal’s compliance rules. In addition to managing and monitoring exposure guidelines in Transparency Plus, ICD Portal’s front-end and back-end compliance features will warn or block users when a compliance rule is being violated.

• Reporting on demand – Deep, consolidated reporting covers hundreds of metrics for research, comparison, history and audit purposes. Reports include Dividend Accrual Report, Gain/Loss Report, Comprehensive Report, Fund Reports, MMF Guideline Report, NAV Flow Liquidity Report, Repo Report, Portfolio Summary Report, and more.

• Settlement – Automated wire settlement through ICD’s award-winning AutoPay™ enables efficient workflow, eliminates wire delays, reduces human error, and provides advanced security.

• Settlement options – Select the trade settlement channels right for you. Options include clearing and direct to funds.


Technology integrations make it easy for treasury teams to achieve an end-to-end workflow for maximum visibility in managing cash and investments. ICD has two decades of experience integrating ICD Portal’s open architecture with every major technology in treasury’s ecosystem, including treasury management systems, banks, ERPs, data providers, reporting and analytic solutions, other trading platforms and more, at no cost to our clients. In fact, 80% of ICD clients have integrated ICD Portal into their other treasury systems using APIs and traditional methods to maximize the efficiency of their cash and investment workflows.


Wrapped around ICD’s award-winning offering is a high-touch service organization and a Global Trade Desk spanning nine time zones. ICD is well known and respected for its client service, earning it a 99% client service rating of excellent/above average and a 99% client retention rate. This standard has been set and openly endorsed by ICD clients, For more information about ICD, visit icdportal.com or contact info@icdportal.com.