The HSBC Group is one of the world’s largest banking and financial institutions, with a network in 63 countries and territories – in Europe our focus is to open this network to our wholesale clients. With over 150 years of experience of connecting customers to opportunities, we support you with our comprehensive understanding of the rapidly growing and profitable markets in Asia and the Middle East in particular. Our strategic direction is driven by long-term global trends that help us create great opportunities for our clients and generate value for our stakeholders. HSBC in Europe serves over 7k commercial and approx.1.5k global banking clients; providing access to 50+ clearing systems. Our product offering is led by transaction banking and we have top 3 market positions in payments, trade, FX and in debt capital markets.

We can partner with you to help finance and manage your transition to net zero and as a Group we have committed to provide USD1trn of sustainable finance and investments by 2030. Our teams are energised for growth to support clients in their ambitions and we are committed to an inclusive and purpose driven culture to match yours. For more information, please visit